Structural and Reinforced Plastic Compounds

  • Enhance the physical properties of standard resins

  • Long fiber, glass or carbon fiber, mineral additives, modifiers & stabilizers

Structurally engineered thermoplastics are an excellent alternative to metal in applications where strength, dimensional stability, and toughness are important.

Reinforced compounds offer dramatic improvements over neat resins in stiffness, tensile strength, load-bearing ability, and other properties — including short-term temperature resistance.

Specialty compounds give product designers the freedom to utilize lower cost, lighter weight parts processed via injection molding — which is excellent for part consolidation and complex geometries.

Structural compounds are available in all commodity and engineering resins and can incorporate other benefits such as color, lubricity, conductivity, or flame retardance in a single material.

Custom grades are available that provide many unique properties, such as density modification up to 11 g/cm3, improved adhesion for plating processes, absorption of radiation during x-ray imaging, or have our engineers tailor a plastic compound to meet your requirements using additional additives and modifiers.