Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Support Services


POLY TECH INDIA can provide state-of-the-art CAE tools for composite materials in both structural and moldability analysis. We offer product design, review, and consultation of the following:

  • Injection molding analysis

  • Structural analysis (FEA)

  • Plastic part design assistance

  • Mold design assistance

  • Structural failure consultation

  • Design assistance for metal-to-plastic conversions

  • Composite materials design assistance and education

  • Quick mechanical structural design review

  • Product testing recommendation

Custom Engineering


Whether you need a very specific compound or an unfilled resin for your application, POLY TECH INDIA works in every thermoplastic resin system with hundreds of modifiers to develop the right solution for you.

POLY TECH INDIA is an independent, privately held company, unlike many of our competitors.

Being independent allows us to provide you with an unbiased approach to selecting the best material to solve your critical engineering and cost requirements. Being a privately held company is an important distinction as well.

Rather than making short-term decisions to meet short-term goals, we are able to provide stability through long term planning. We are committed to serving our customers all over the world, well into the future.

We have a team of talented and knowledgeable development engineers who work tirelessly to develop new compounds using the most current research and technologies available.

Whether you need guidance in selecting a material, a custom-formulated compound, or part design advice, our engineers are here to help solve even your toughest challenges. Our development services are available globally, and include:

  • Application development

  • Product development

  • CAE support

  • Pilot Plant production

  • On-site mold trials and troubleshooting

High Volume


We at POLY TECH INDIA provide high volume and tolling services. With four facilities strategically located around the NCR, distribution is timely and cost-effective. With huge production capacity, there’s no project too big for us to handle. We provide:

  • Wide breadth of compounding capability in commodity and engineering polymers

  • On-site warehousing

  • Quality lab capability

  • Ample rail siding and rail sidings

  • Wide range of resins

  • Flexible packaging: bag, box, truck, railcar

Our resources are at your command; name the resin or additive and formulation and we’ll apply it exactly as you intend.

Toll Compounding


Custom Manufactured Private-Label Thermoplastic Compounds

POLY TECH INDIA’s tolling and contract manufacturing division gives resin producers and distributors the ability to offer specialty compounds branded with their own label.

Our toll compounding services allow you to take advantage of POLY TECH INDIA’s extensive engineering and manufacturing experience with custom thermoplastics to handle material production and logistics for you.

Tap into our global network of facilities, years of experience with 100’s of resin and additive combinations, and dedication to quality and top-notch service to expand your product line to include compounds, masterbatches, and other unique products.


POLY TECH INDIA’s toll compounding services can help you:

  • Increase manufacturing capacity without incurring expansion costs

  • Produce and manage rationalized products

  • Enhance your product line with specialty compounds

  • Research new resin and additive combinations

  • Cost-effectively obtain small or large lots

  • Meet ever-shrinking lead time demands

  • Process your exact formulation or develop custom compounds

Toll compounding services from POLY TECH INDIA's Contract Manufacturing division produces compounds and masterbatches with your labeled branding.

Value-Added Services

When you partner with POLY TECH INDIA for your compound production needs, you get much more than consistent, high-quality compounds from the experts in manufacturing.

Our many extras include:

  • A full-service color lab that generates color matches in under 5 working days

  • Complete quality control program with agreed-upon testing performed on every shipment

  • State-of-the-art R&D compounding facility for product development and sampling

  • Over 30 experienced R&D engineers to assist with product development and manufacturing optimization

  • Quick turnaround

  • Ability to produce quantities from bags to railcar

  • Ability to extrude in rolls or sheets

Full-Service Compounding

POLY TECH INDIA’s toll compounding services let you quickly expand your capacity and add diversity to your product line without increasing your overhead.

POLY TECH INDIA’s comprehensive capabilities include:

  • Globally positioned production facilities with over one million square feet of manufacturing space

  • Plants conveniently located for efficient shipping and local on-site meetings

  • Uniform manufacturing equipment and QA capabilities at all facilities

  • Several extruders to process virtually all resins for large and small volumes

  • Single & Twin Screw of varying sizes

  • Other specialized processing equipment for unique processes

  • Extruded film and sheet capabilities (4 to 60-inch widths / 0.001 to 0.300-inch thicknesses)

  • Long, short, and mid-range fiber capacity

  • Down-stream feed addition available

  • Liquid injection capability

  • Post blending

  • Flexible packaging options

  • Extensive Research & Development staff

  • State-of-the-art R&D compounding facility for pilot production

  • Controlled environment processing