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Practically there is no facet of our day to day Life which has remain untouched by Plastics and Polymers.

Right from the clothes we wear, the Gadgets we use, the Cars we drive and Packaging of food we eat all have one thing in common, usage of Plastics and Polymers. POLY TECH INDIA has a wide range of Plastic and Polymer products including Master Batches, Compounded Products, and Alloy Polymers.

RadiciGroup Engineering Plastics Products

RadiciGroup produces a complete range of engineering plastics with varying characteristics to suit the application needs of the automotive, electrical/electronics, construction and industrial sectors.


RadiciGroup current engineering plastics production includes:


Polyamide engineering plastics


extrusion products

List of some Polymers POLY TECH INDIA deals in and their uses


More Polymers provided by POLY TECH INDIA with Formula and their uses


Some Common to Trade Polymers which are better known through their brand names