The global demand for energy increases every year. Currently, fossil fuels are burned to meet the majority of the world’s energy requirements. However, future energy requirements will rapidly start being met through renewable energy sources, such and wind and solar.

Engineered thermoplastic compounds from POLY TECH INDIA address the energy markets’ need for better reliability, improved performance, and increased design flexibility utilizing over 60 engineering resins.


POLY TECH INDIA provides customized material solutions that meet end-user requirements; including solutions for high-temperature structural products for the oil and gas industry, a selection of wear-resistant products for the chemical process industry, and alternative material solutions for the solar and wind industry.

Oil and Gas – Artificial Lift Rod Guide Materials

  • PPA and PPS compounds for downhole sucker rod guides and stabilizer bars

  • Continuous use temperature range of 350˚F (177˚C) to 425˚ (218˚C)

  • Heat deflection temperature (HDT) up to 520˚F (271˚C)

  • Engineered for use in H2S sour gas environments

Oil and Gas – Compressor Valve Materials

  • PEEK, PPS and PA compounds for reciprocating compressor plates and poppet valves

  • Temperature and chemical resistance for demanding applications

  • Compounds engineered for use in high speed and high differential pressure applications


Exploration and Production – Anti-Extrusion Ring Compounds

  • High performance, long life, and reliable backup ring compounds

  • Reduced stress products for increased manufacturing yield and lower end-user costs

  • Cost-effective solutions for conventional and unconventional wells

  • Ultra Performance Structural Compounds and Standard Compounds for all levels of performance


Power Generation

  • UL recognized Flame Retardant compounds that provide multi-property solutions

  • Conductive & Anti-Static compounds

  • Custom and standard color compounds and masterbatches to match end-user requirements

  • Engineered thermoplastic compounds for Solar and Wind Industries