Use of plastic in construction:

  • Flooring
    Plastic materials like polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyethylene are used to make flooring less prone to wear and tear. It also decreases the sound pollution level and can be cleaned easily.

  • Roofing
    To protect the outer surface of the roof from damage, two layers of different plastic materials are required. The upper part is made of colored thermoplastic olefin or vinyl while the lower part consists of polyurethane foam which consumes less energy and keeps the interior of a house cooler.

  • Insulation
    Polyurethane spray is frequently used for insulation when constructing green or low energy buildings. Rigid polyurethane foam is known for its high thermal resistance which promotes temperature consistency.  Polyurethane foam is also popular because it is lightweight, chemical resistant, and flame retardant.   Due to its closed-cell nature, polyurethane insulation performs as an air barrier, resulting in significant energy savings.

  • Wall
    A structural insulated panel (SIP) is a sandwich of expanded polystyrene amidst two slim layers of oriented strand board. This type of pre-fab, composite wallboard can be transferred to the workplace easily for a particular task and provide good support to columns and other associated essentials during a renovation.

  • Pipes
    Commonly made up of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), CPVC, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), or polyethylene, plastic pipes are flexible and very light in weight, making them easy to install.  All of these plastic materials are also highly chemical and water-resistant, making them suitable for many extreme environments.

  • Windows
    Polycarbonate is used to manufacture building windows. This plastic material is strong, clear and very light in weight. Polycarbonate windows are considered more burglar-proof than regular glass windows.  Two plastics materials, vinyl and fiberglass, are used commonly in the production of window frames.  Fiberglass is extremely strong while vinyl is quite durable and also inexpensive.

  • Doors
    Some construction projects use doors made from a stiff polyurethane foam core with a fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) coating. The sandwich structure of these doors makes them incredibly strong.

Other uses are:

  • As raft underlay

  • As floor underlay

  • Terrace garden underlay

  • As parking floor underlay

  • As column footing underlay

  • Side curtain for retaining walls Terrace/ podium waterproofing Lining for ETP’s/ waste pits/ sludge ponds

  • Basement capping/ swimming pool capping

  • SLIP-MEMBRANE for concrete roads and runways

  • Lining for large water bodies/ raw water reservoirs/ ponds


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